Forty years’ experience

With over 40 years’ experience in the mining and ground stabilisation sectors, Harland Resources provide unrivalled reassurance for developers. We offer the most economical form of ground stabilisation and mineral extraction prior to development.


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Elimination of voids and workings

Ground stabilisation and mineral removal is often the most economical and effective form of neutralising voids and shallow workings within the development horizon.
As an alternative to grouting, stabilisation of shallow coal workings offers:

  • Certainty of ground conditions
  • The most economical method of ground stabilisation of shallow mineworkings and coal seams within the development horizon
  • Mine shafts can be capped at depth, removing the need for any surface exclusion zones
  • Contaminated materials can be removed as part of the operation, to be stored and dealt with by others
  • Overburden material can be replaced back to development plan level
  • Overburden materials can be engineered back to compacted NHBC standards, validated by others
  • Contract timescales can be carried out to suit the developers programme
  • Permits and licensing can be dealt with by Harland, on behalf of the client

Over 30 successful prior
extraction sites

To date we have completed 40 surface coal mining sites and 30 incidental coal or ground stabilisation sites. We have also carried out overburden removal at quarries and regeneration of development sites.

Harland Resources can achieve 100% elimination of any voids or workings on the site

Overcoming the complex legacy of 300 years of mining history

Coal Mining in the UK, has been in use over 300 years, fuelling the Industrial Revolution and keeping industry running through 2 World Wars, at its peak we produced, over 330, million tonnes of coal, employing 1 million men in 1938. Little wonder that shallow mine workings are a constant issue for today’s developers.


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We have a number of incidental coal sites under review for housebuilding and development clients