Why Harland?

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Financial Benefits

Prior Extraction is an economical alternative to other methods of ground stabilisation, including grouting, especially with the high cost of PFA, as a constituent.
Depending on the size of the site, Harland Resources Ltd can tailor solutions for disposing of the coal from the site.
As coal is an unacceptable material to be sent to a registered landfill, due to its combustible characteristics,
Harland Resources Ltd can provide a disposal service, at a competitive price, which can be discussed on an individual basis, so reducing site development costs.


When remediation is required to remove any potential contamination from the land, Harland Resources can accommodate this work within the coal extraction process – thus reducing delays and potential additional costs.

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Abandoned underground mine workings can cause unstable ground – creating potential hazards to the public and property and often leading to increased foundations costs for developers.

If left untreated, extensive works will be required to mitigate the risk of potential collapse. ‘Prior extraction’ can offer a cost-effective solution to avoid this risk.

Reduced Gas Release

Abandoned mine workings can increase the risk of hazardous gases being present in sub-surface environments.

Mine shafts can be sealed during ‘prior extraction’ – releasing more surface area and making the site development plan easier to design.

The removal of shallow coal workings prior to development will also remove existing pathways for any source of hazardous gas.

Gas release workings image
Arial image from an empty extraction site

Greater Certainty of Ground Conditions

‘Prior extraction,’ and the carefully monitored compaction of fill materials once the coal has been removed, creates an engineered fill to the developer’s final platform profile.

The works have been carried out to an engineering specification to NHBC and DOT specification 600: Earthworks. This gives developers, local authorities and insurance companies confidence and peace of mind as to the quality of ground conditions.

Site-specific requirements to suit particular construction requirements – such as high loads or low settlement tolerances – can usually be accommodated within the engineering specification of the works.

Our Expertise

Harland Resources Ltd is the UK’s leading prior Extraction Coal recovery specialist.

Our team of highly-experienced, knowledgeable and professional engineers is led by Managing Director Richard Wood. Richard has a wealth of industry expertise across the UK and overseas – most recently developing the prior extraction/ground stabilisation side of our business.

Harland Resources Ltd can also offer consultancy services to obtain Local Authority Approvals and Coal Authority Licences on behalf of the Client.
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